sjung om studentens lyckliga dar {sunshine & cake}

jag tog studenten!!

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det var soligt, hatten var på och alla var glada


först fotograferades vi, vilket var en mindre pärs eftersom hela klassen fick stå och kolla på när en lekte modell för två minuter

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mycket tid för selfies, och mycket face glow för uppgiften :-)

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sen åt vi lunch. eller tja, som vegos var det inte mycket att hurra över, om de nu inte strävade för en minimalist feel. i sådana fall var det en ypperlig måltid. det var mycket godt men potatisen såginte så ljust på tillvaron :(

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så sjöng vi lite och lyssnade lite medans jag dog över Mys hatt. mvh vi litteraturbarn som är kära i Hjalmar Söderberg.

efter hejdå och kramar till lärare sprang vi ut!!! My och jag var självfallet först ut genom ekporten!

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det var fint och vi var så lyckliga mmm!

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vi tog mer selfies i den ihärdiga hettan medans vi smälte i värmen


Sarah hade också en viktig dag då hon tog sin kandidatexamen som beteendevetare!! mkt coolt!

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så åkte vi flak genom ett myllrande Uppsala och dansade oss igenom ett par timmar. Alina och Pauline var golden!

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kom hem och åt och nappade innan jag gjorde en tårta. det var en citron- och marängtårta som gillades. ska göra ett inlägg om den senare.


på kvällen sminkade jag om mig (vill göra en tutorial pga min favoritsminkning men inte va en tönt hmm), satte upp min favoritfrisyr och favoritklänning, tog några selfies med bästa snapchatfiltret och drog på en fest med Pauline. det var ju ganska kul!

sen övergick det till lördag och då var min studentdag slut!


When Life Gives You Summer, Go to Visby

It has been quite some time since the last time I posted here. Back then I was preparing for my first test week, and two days ago I received the final grade for three of my subjects. As I don’t have a lot planned this summer, I thought it would be fun to work on this little fella. I have lots of creativity going on at the moment, and a lot of it can be used for cooking and baking. Although the it will be mostly recepies, I will also write some that are more focused on veganism as an ethical stand point, rather than it only being about food. Surprisingly I was not vegan when I first started this blog, but I was eager to try it out, and, as I though back then, go vegan when I moved away to University. Instead, I managed to convince my mum to let her make the personal decision to be vegan when I still live at home. During the last few months I have come to realize that one must be really firm in one’s ethical beliefs in order to maintain a cruelty free diet. It is difficult at time, there is no way to ignore the fact, thus discussing the reasons behind my decision in combination with well grounded facts is mandatory. Since both my friends, class mates and I will be moving to numerous different places over the upcoming year, I will also use this site to share some of the adventures I experience. I will try to keep those at minimum though, as the name of this blog says something about the focus of it. 

Last weekend, a few of my friends and I spent some time in Visby, the main city of the Swedish island Gotland. I had never been there previous to this, so it was fun to discover a place that so many people have talked about in a positive manner. Visby is not very big, but the incredible architecture and the splendid landscapes make it very interesting to explore. 

The Swedish history is very present here. The major one is undoubtly the circular valve that surrounds a great part of the town, as it does not take much effort to find it at any point. It is even on UNESCO’s world heritage list, which further strengthens its importance as a reminder of the historical past of both Sweden and the rest of Scandinavia, as well as its cultural greatness. As seen in the picture above, the combination of the wall and the picturesque Southern Europe architecture style that the small houses breathes is a beautiful view. 

These adorable houses are very common in Visby, especially in the more central parts of it. All kinds of flowers were constantly present in various forms, which shows how much plants can bring out of a building on their own.  The focus was usually on the door, as they were carefully shaped, coloured, and decorated in ways that I have never seen before. They were usually the first thing to catch one’s eyes. Pastel coloured walls, window pains, doors and such were painted in beautiful pastel colours which made the buildings very pleasant to rest one’s eyes on. My friends saw a clear similarity to the Italian architecture, which makes sense to me.

We walked a lot during our stay, and thus discovered quite a few ruins. Most of them are old church buildings, as Christianity and its architecture used to, and still is to a certain extent, be an important part of the Swedish society and its culture, and therefore valued highly. As Gotland is known for the large number of different stone types, all ruins were made out of stone, which gave it a sort of mystical and almost gothic feeling.

The sea is just a couple of steps from the wall, and it’s simply magnificent! 

The last evening we found a hammock I which I put myself for an hour. Walking, sitting and lying by the sea made me really capture the moment as it is. For the first time in a very long time I managed to a completely peaceful and empty mind. There is nothing more to life than the sound of the dancing waves of water, the glistening sun, and friends next to one eating, playing and resting. It was a vibrant atmosphere that could erase and soften the whirlwind of thoughs. 

The view was possibly even more breath taking by day.

Imagine living here. One could run or walk by the sea shore, do some sun bathing, rest in the hammocks or whatever one could possibly think of.

When it comes to the food, Visby is not exactly the gold pot. More like the opposite. When we first arrived, we got out from the hotel pretty quickly as we were all very hungry. We went for a bistro with the typical food like pizza, burgers etc. As I could not see any vegan items I asked if they had any, but they only looked confused, and directed me to the pizza buffet. Nice. There was therefore a lot of fries involved in this trip, as I bought fries every time I ordered food at a restaurant. 

 (Top three fries, no joke.)

The hotel’s breakfast buffet was not too much to cheer for either. They had a musli bar, soy yogurt, and oat milk, as well as all kinds of fruit and some fruit juices. I will not complain as there was more than enough for me, but for someone who is not a high carb breakfast kind of person might. I loved it though! 

I would advise anyone to go to Visby. There are so many adorable restaurants with great food, and if you are vegan, it is not difficult to find a restaurant with at least one vegan full meal although they tend to be a little price-y. The night life is great, but the clubs have quite expensive entrance fees and drinks. There seems to be a lot of fun people to part with, but one dance floor had quite a few girls who did not know to behave, like pushing away people to walk back and forth (?), but then get mad/annoyed when people got mad. Creep warning on guys as usual ladies. It was nice weather with nice people, and one cannot ask for more!